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2024-W06 release - February 10th, 2024


General Notice

  • Enhanced Accessibility for the Auvik Knowledge Base: Click to Zoom

    When you are accessing the Auvik Knowledge Base on a mobile device or need to see one of the screenshots more closely on your screen, we have implemented the ability to click to zoom  the screenshot. 

    On your computer screen, clicking on the screenshot once will open it to a larger size. Clicking on it twice will expand it to maximum size and then click, hold and drag to focus on specific sections of the photo. Click on the edge of the screenshot to return to the article.

    On a mobile device, tap once to open to large size or tap it twice to expand it to maximum and use the gestures pinch, spread or drag to manipulate it on the screen. Tap on the edge of the screenshot to return to the article.

    Note: Only screenshots that would be difficult to see details in its current scale will have this feature turned on.

    Click on the screenshot below to try it out!

    Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 08.32.44.png
Auvik Network Management (10)
  • New

    • Export Map as VSDX

      • The map is receiving an exciting new export option: ‘Export map as VSDX’!
        This will augment existing PDF & SVG formats. With this customers will have more choices for the file formats to export their maps. Since the file format is VSDX, once exported from Auvik, you can import those files not just into Microsoft Visio, but also to other popular cloud tools such as Lucidchart and (Note: these tools don't necessarily support all the features that are available in Microsoft Visio; as a result, some differences in behaviour are expected). With this added format, you can “edit” maps using tools outside of Auvik (such as Visio) to add additional annotations, move the network elements, and resize the icons. You can also use the exported version as a base diagram to create more network diagrams as part of future planning and include them in reports. Such as:

        • Compliance reporting 

        • Network assessments  

        • MBRs / QBRs

        • Internal Knowledge Bases

      • Click here for more information about this feature, along with some known limitations, which we will refine in future releases.

  • Improved

    • Auvik chatbot is now fully released and is available for 100% of chats. We continue to work through some learning. Please report any areas where you believe the chatbot provided incorrect information.

  • Fixed
    • Fixed an issue with brocade switches that are labeled Ruckus to use the brocade CLI profiles.

  • Coming Soon

    • Dark Mode

      • Users can switch between two themes - our classic light theme and dark theme. This dark mode theme will allow for styling customization for admin users who the permissions to do so.

  • Devices
    • Improved Identifications

      • (13) L2 and L3 Switch(es)

        • Vendor(s): Cisco, HP, Netgear, PLANET, Fortinet, EnGeniusm, TP-Link, FS, Arista, Nortel

      • (0) Access Point(s)

        • Vendor(s): NA

      • (2) Router(s)

        • Vendor(s): Palo Alto, RAD

      • (1) Firewall(s)

        • Vendors(s): Cisco

      • (12) Printer(s)

        • Vendor(s): Fuji Xerox, Konica Minolta, Sharp

Auvik SaaS Management (8)
  • New

    • Users can easily select tenants from the tenant sidebar menu (similar to our Auvik Network Management Product), instead of having to navigate to tenants through the “Clients” menu. This will lead to fewer clicks and a more seamless experience for users who need to quickly navigate between multiple deployments, without having to return to the top-level partner hub.

    • Improved SaaS Management API! The SaaS Management API now includes additional application model data (Tags, Users, Ownership, Lifecycle data, and SSO status) as well as contract data.

  • Improved

    • Enhanced Google Workspace Integration - Improved the depth of discovery across Google Workspace integration so that newly identified and niche applications are not shown under the GoogleUserContent application and are instead shown as their apps.

    • Improved Application Catalog Across Google, Microsoft, and Adobe SaaS ecosystems - We’ve made additional changes across our global catalog to properly separate many enterprise applications that may have been previously shown as a single app. (Ex: Adobe Creative Cloud will in many cases now show as individual Adobe products)

    • Agent Release - We’ve released our v2.0 with additional stability improvements.

    • When navigating between Auvik products, users can now select the appropriate default permission they would like to select for first-time users under the Manage Users > Manage Permissions menu.

  • Fixed
    • Removed an issue where Selecting All on particular tables throughout the application would inappropriately select all data, instead of just the information shown on the current page, which was causing issues with Bulk Editing.

  • Coming Soon

    • Global SSO Insights: Gain insights into the full spectrum of applications that support Single Sign-On (SSO), including those your users might not yet be leveraging to their fullest potential. This analysis helps you identify and utilize SSO-capable tools more effectively, streamlining user access and improving security posture across your organization

    • Dark Mode: Similar to our upcoming Network Management release, users in the SaaS Management product will also be able to choose between light and dark themes.

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