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2024-W04 Release - January 27th, 2024

Auvik Network Management (13)
  • New

    • Vendors 

    • Identifications

      • (11) L2 and L3 Switch(es)

        • Vendor(s): Cisco Business, D-Link, Duxbury Networking, EnGenius, ORingNet, Meraki, Allied Telesis, Extreme

      • (3) Access Point(s)

        • Vendor(s): Cisco Catalyst, Meraki, Ruckus

      • (2) Router(s)

        • Vendor(s): Cisco, QNO

      • (1) Firewall(s)

        • Vendors(s): Fortinet

      • (4) Printer(s)

        • Vendor(s): Accurio -Konica minolta, Apeos- Fujifilm, Lexmark, Sharp, Canon

  • Improved
    • Network Maps V2 (performance):
      • We’ve made significant improvement in Auvik Network Map performance, with that map rendered quickly. You can notice a significant reduction in load times for network maps especially on sites containing a large number of devices. After a successful closed beta late last year, we’ve progressively rolled out this enhancement to all customers in small increments hence extending it to all the customers. Fast performance of new network maps improves the user experience. 

    • Auvik Support Chatbot
      • It is now servicing 75% of Auvik chats. The response has continued to be favourable. We will be expanding this to 100% as the response stays positive.

    • Meraki API Support Migration

      • For Meraki customers, an email was sent out about their v0 API support ending on January 31st 2024. Auvik has already migrated to the new API. Customers will not be affected by the change.

    • Network Map Hidden

      • Network map has been removed from the pages below. These pages don’t require network or device-oriented actions. This means you will not have to scroll down to remove the map on pages when you don’t need to see the map.

        • Pages:
          Manage Alerts → Alerts
          Manage Alerts → Notification Channels
          Manage Alerts → Maintenance Windows
          Manage Users → Users
          Manage Users → Roles
          Settings → Organization
          Settings → Billing - Usage
          Settings → Billing - Account
          Settings → Authentication
          Settings → Auvik Support
          User/Profiles → Edit Profile
  • Fixed
    • Brightgauge integration API experienced an issue due to a change in the /authentication/verify path, which has been fixed now.

  • Coming Soon
    • Export Map to VSDX
      • ‘Export map to Visio’ is finally coming soon! The map’s export feature will be able to ‘Export map as VSDX’! This option will augment existing PDF & SVG formats. VSDX is file format means you can import not just into Microsoft Visio, but also to other popular cloud tools such as Lucidchart and (Note: these tools don’t necessarily support all the features that are available in Microsoft Visio, as a result some differences in behaviour are expected)
    • Dark Mode
      • End users will soon have the ability to change the theme in Auvik to Dark Mode. Users with Admin capabilities will be able to customize their theme styling for dark mode as well.
Auvik SaaS Management (5)
  • Improved

    • Accounts Reporting: Accounts reporting and data exports have been built into an “Accounts Inventory” Report. This insightful report will help your organization better identify which accounts and usernames are in use across their organization. This will shed light on service account activity, frequently used user accounts, dormant accounts, and more. The goal is to align this reporting with major compliance frameworks such as NIST & CIS. (This particular report supports CIS Control

  • Fixed

    • Resolved an issue where some users could be reimported by 3rd party integrations after being disabled.

    • Resolved an issue where 3rd party integrations (Google Workspace and Azure) could occasionally lose connectivity.

    • Resolved an issue where some users would see an “Not Found” error when receiving an invite initiated through ASM when they were already users of another Auvik product.

    • Resolved an issue where some “Identifiers” in the applications menu would show as invalid values.

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