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Infrastructure device offline alert


The details shown below are based on the default settings. Editing this alert has no restrictions. The trigger and clear conditions can be changed to suit your needs.


Primary purpose: Notify when an infrastructure device has gone offline.

Possible causes for this alert include:

  • Device is no longer responding to pings from the Auvik collector
  • Device has been powered down
  • Device has crashed
  • Power outage or brownout
  • Emergency maintenance
  • Device removed from the network

Infrastructure devices include chassis, copiers, hypervisors, network storage, servers, telecommunication devices, and UPSes 

Alert severity


Repetitive alert pause condition

After 5 occurrences within 2 hours against a specific entity, pause the alert for 24 hours

Alert trigger condition

An infrastructure device has gone offline.

Alert clear condition

The infrastructure device is back online.

Action(s) to be taken

Check on the status of the device to determine why it is no longer online.


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