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2016W48 release - November 30, 2016


NEW! Ping server static IP

FINALLY! The cloud ping server within the Auvik environment has been assigned a static IP address of

This is great news if you’re taking advantage of our Internet connection check features. Now, instead of allowing full ICMP on your firewall, you can set an ACL to only allow ICMP from that address.


A few releases back we introduced API keys. Based on your feedback, we recognize our initial implementation of the feature wasn’t the best. As a result, we’ve made some improvements to how you generate, regenerate, and revoke API keys.

On your user profile, API keys have been separated from your personal information. As an administrator, you can now generate and regenerate keys for users without editing their profiles. You can also revoke keys for more than one user if needed.

NOTICE! Interface offline alert renamed

The interface offline alert has been renamed as the interface status mismatch alert. The purpose of the alert remains the same: to notify you when the administrative status for the interface is up but the operational status is down.

NOTICE! Knowledge base expanded

Based on feedback during our training sessions, we’ve greatly expanded the alert administration section of the Auvik knowledge base.

There used to be a single article that listed all the preconfigured alerts. Now, each preconfigured alert has a knowledge base article of its own. The new articles include more detail on the purpose of each alert, reasons the alert can be triggered, and suggested actions for resolving the alert.

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