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2016W46 release - November 20, 2016


NEW! Generic webhook integration

We now have a generic webhook integration that allows you to send alert notifications to systems for which we don’t yet have native integrations. The webhook integration needs only a simple URL to connect—how you get into your other tools is entirely up to you.

NEW! IP range exclusions

When adding a new network or editing details for a network, you can now specify IPs to be excluded from scanning. You can exclude a single IP address or a range of addresses.

If the devices you exclude have already been discovered, we’ll stop monitoring for status. If the devices have never been discovered, or were deleted after you entered the exclusion, they’ll remain undiscovered. To restart discovery and monitoring, simply remove the appropriate IP exclusion.

IMPROVED! PSA callbacks

Auvik can now complete callbacks with both ConnectWise and Autotask. This means that when you dismiss a ticket in either PSA, the Auvik alert is also dismissed.

If you want the ticket to reopen after a set period, make sure the status set for Dismiss Auvik alert when ConnectWise/Autotask ticket is is different from If ConnectWise/Autotask ticket status is.

IMPROVED! Auvik collector alert

A couple of releases ago, we modified the Auvik collector offline alert, also known as the virtual appliance offline alert. We changed it to trigger only if the collector has been offline for two consecutive minutes. 

The two-minute period is working well for some of our partners but we’re hearing from others that it’s still too frequent. So you can now increase or decrease the offline duration period that triggers an alert. If you clear the duration (either delete it or set it to 0 minutes), the alert triggers as soon as the appliance is found to be no longer responding.

IMPROVED! Multiple collectors

We’re working on quite a few collector enhancements. In this release, you’ll notice a couple of changes.

You can now run multiple collectors on a single network for failover purposes, as long as each collector can talk to all subnets on the network. If one collector goes offline, the other will immediately take over scanning.

If you have collectors running on different subnets that aren’t able to communicate, each collector continues to manage its subnet only. In other words, if a collector for subnet A goes offline, the collector for subnet B will not take over scanning.

IMPROVED! Map overlay

In the last release, we implemented a display notification feature that lets you see alert notifications laid over your client map or a network map. When we launched, the feature was turned off by default but not enough people were discovering it. So in this release, display notifications are turned on by default. You can, of course, turn them off again by unchecking Map Settings > Display Notifications under the gear in the top left corner of any map.

NOTICE! Auvik virtual appliance renamed

We’re renaming the Auvik virtual appliance and Auvik Windows service with a single term: the Auvik collector. All knowledge base articles have been updated. You’ll see the change in the product soon.

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