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Common User Access Issues in Power BI


Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool and when used in conjunction with Auvik, it can produce great results, but there are some common issues that can go wrong and it is helpful to know how to recognize and resolve them.

User Access

Power BI access (when using the default template) requires either API access OR Super Admin roles on the top multi site and every site underneath in order for the Power BI query to succeed.

On large multi sites with many subsites, sometimes a single site is missing the required access and that causes the Power BI query to fail.

To prevent this at the top multi site:

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 7.54.36 AM.png

  • Go to Admin
  • Click Manage Users
  • Click Users
  • Click the check box beside the user you want to authorize
  • Click Authorize


  • Check All
  • Click Roles
  • Select API Access Only
  • Click Save

Verifying the Presence of an API Key

Always make sure that the user has an API key associated with it. There should be a black and not a white cog next to the user name in Manage Users.

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 7.58.11 AM.png

Authentication Type

The authentication method in Power BI is Basic Authentication.

Username should be your Auvik username and the password is your API Key.

If you are working to resolve authentication with Power BI, you may still get residual errors, if there are any Refresh or Apply Changes windows visible, click those one at a time and retry the queries and if necessary refresh as well.   

If the access and API key issues are resolved the queries should continue.  

Warning: Large sites can take a long time to query all of the information in Power BI. 

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