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2016W38 release - September 27, 2016


NEW! VMware snapshots dashboard

Auvik now gives you more visibility into the snapshots that have been taken for your VMware hypervisor virtual machines. Look for the Snapshot tab when you click on a VMware hypervisor. There are also two new alerts available for managing your snapshots, both of which are disabled by default.

IMPROVED! Maintenance windows

Maintenance windows can now be configured as one-time only, or on a repeated schedule of either daily (Mon-Sun) or weekly (same days/times each week). Each schedule allows you to set a specific start and end time. 

Also new with this release, if you have a maintenance window that applies to all clients, you can now create the maintenance window from your MSP dashboard. Just as alerts currently function, any maintenance windows set at the MSP level are shared with all clients. If you want to set up a maintenance window for one client, you can do so from that client’s dashboard.

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