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2016W32 release - August 10, 2016


NEW! Bulk alert dismissal

Many of you reported that dismissing Auvik alerts one by one was a real pain—especially if there was a large number to be dismissed. So, good news — you can now bulk dismiss alerts from the All Alerts screen.

IMPROVED! User management

A few changes to user management should make your job faster and easier—and who doesn’t like that? Most notable are the changes for sending invitations to new users. Now, when creating an invitation, you can enter multiple email addresses rather than having to create invitations one by one. As well, invitations can easily be resent to users who have lost the original invitation.

We’ve also broken user edits and authorizations into separate screens on the MSP dashboard. Now, you’ll edit user information (name, phone number, and session timeout) from one form and account authorizations on another.

IMPROVED! Client management

Many of you asked for this feature, so we’re happy to announce that now, at the time you create a new client, you’ll be able to select from a list of existing users to assign authorizations. No more adding users in a separate step.


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