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2016W14 release - April 10, 2016


ATTENTION! Cisco SG Series flaw

Many of our partners have discovered that Cisco SG series devices are susceptible to crashing when SSH is enabled. We’ve been able to reproduce the crash in our lab simply by attempting login with a user unknown to the device. Because of this flaw, Auvik will no longer SSH into these devices by default until a resolution exists.

NEW! Integration with AuthAnvil

You now have a second choice when enabling two-factor authentication: AuthAnvil. If you already have AuthAnvil, you can change Auvik’s default 2FA provider (the TOTP algorithm) to use the external AuthAnvil server instead.

NEW! Multi-hierarchy accounts

Or as we like to call them, super accounts! For more flexibility organizing your clients, you can now nest them in as many layers as you like. The new multi-hierarchy is great for organizing clients by enterprise or region, for example. If you need a hand reorganizing existing clients, feel free to give a shout.

NEW! VPN dashboards

Auvik now gives you more visibility into the health and configuration of VPN tunnels. Look for the Tunnel tab when you click on a firewall.

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