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2016W10 release - March 10, 2016


BETA! Auvik Windows agent

Two weeks ago, we introduced a limited preview of our new Auvik Windows agent. Feedback was very positive. Now, with that first set of successful deployments under our belt and a bit more functionality added, we're opening the beta to everyone. Please review this support article for recommended deployment parameters and a list of functionality not currently available in the beta. If you give the beta a try and encounter any issues, please contact

NEW! Configuration alerts

Building on the configuration dashboard introduced a couple of weeks ago, Auvik can now alert when a configuration change is detected, or when the system can no longer back up configurations successfully.

NEW! Default route change alerts

For firewalls with multiple Internet connections, Auvik can now alert when the Internet connection fails over.

NEW! Cloud ping statistics & monitoring

To help you better diagnose potential network connectivity issues, Auvik’s cloud ping check can now give you visibility into latency, loss and jitter.

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