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2016W6 release - February 11, 2016


NEW! Support for stackable switches

You can now get better visibility into the individual members of a stack of switches. Changes in stack membership or availability are automatically flagged with alerts. Note that each switch identified in a stack counts as a separate billable device, so this feature will affect your billing. Accordingly, stackable switch support is optional and can be disabled if you prefer to treat the stack as a single switch.

NEW! Maintenance windows

Auvik’s new maintenance window feature is handy for managing unnecessary emails during planned work sessions when you know devices will be taken offline or changing status frequently. During a maintenance window, active alerts continue to trigger but you stop receiving notifications by email or to an integration. Auvik also captures a history of maintenance windows so you can audit over time. Watch for even more maintenance window functionality in the next release.

ENHANCED! Configuration backups

Long overdue but finally here! You can now “diff” configurations directly within Auvik. Simply select a configuration, then compare it to another to see what’s changed. Additionally, configuration files can be exported, which is especially helpful for binary backups of certain devices.

IMPROVED! Health check control

There used to be a single control for Auvik’s entire health check service. Now you can create custom groups and define different health check rules for different devices.

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