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Integrating Auvik with Slack


For more information on editing, deleting, disabling, and enabling integrations, see How do I edit, delete, disable, or enable integrations?

Auvik connects to Slack for alert notifications using an incoming webhook, which is initially configured in Slack.

To set up an Auvik integration to Slack, first create the new incoming webhook by following the steps below. Then create the new integration in Auvik.

Slack integrations can only be managed from your MSP dashboard.

Creating a new incoming webhook in Slack

  1. In Slack, click the user dropdown menu, hover over Administration, and click Manage Apps.


  1. In the search field in the top navigation bar, enter Incoming.
  2. Click Incoming WebHooks.


  1. Click Add Configuration
  2. Select the existing channel you’d like Auvik alerts to post to, or create a new channel.

  1. Click Add Incoming WebHooks Integration.
  2. Copy the webhook URL. You’ll need this when creating the new integration in Auvik.

  1. Optional: Enter a descriptive label for the new webhook.
  2. Click Save Settings.

Managing integrations for multiple locations

For corporate IT managing a single network with multiple locations

Be aware that Auvik can’t currently distinguish alerts that come from different locations (say, the Cleveland office and the Houston office) on a network running a single Auvik collector. All of your Auvik alerts will feed into a single Slack channel. To have alerts sent to multiple Slack channels, it’s best to create a new integration for each channel you’d like to post to.

For MSPs managing multiple networks

In addition to the above for corporate IT, which also applies to MSPs. If you choose to have all of the notifications sent to a single channel, we’ll specify the company name for each notification so you know which notifications apply to which client.

How to add a new Slack integration

  1. Click Integrations in the side navigation bar.
  2. Hover over the Add Integration button, and select Slack
  3. In Auvik, fill in the following detail:
    1. Integration name
    2. Slack WebHook URL
  4. Optional: Click Test Connection to confirm your settings are accurate.
  5. Select the notification channel(s) you want to associate with the new integration. You can create a new channel if one doesn’t already exist.
  6. Click Save.

If the test connection spins or a failed message appears, see How do I troubleshoot issues with my Auvik / Slack integration? for possible resolutions.

Before you can use the integration with Slack, there’s one final configuration step: creating a notification channel to be associated with the Auvik alerts you’d like sent to the integrated platform.

Finding integrated alerts

Auvik alerts can be posted to an existing Slack channel or a new channel you create. The channel can be public or private.

If Auvik alerts fail to appear in your Slack channel, see How do I troubleshoot issues with my Auvik / Slack integration? for possible resolutions.

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