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2015W38 release - September 24, 2015


NEW! Spanning tree alerts

Changes in spanning tree can make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, am I right? But now, with proactive spanning tree alerts, you can minimize any outages. Whenever there’s a network event and a spanning-tree enabled port changes state (to forwarding or to blocking) Auvik alerts you.

NEW! Windows DFS alerts

Auvik now comes pre-configured to alert on the health of Windows distributed file system (DFS). The alert is triggered when DFS performance begins to degrade.

NEW! Autotask integration

Auvik now integrates with Autotask’s PSA platform. The integration means you can set things up so that any Auvik alert automatically creates an Autotask ticket, and any status changes in Autotask sync back to Auvik.

BETA! Ubuntu deployment

This release includes new beta functionality that allows you to deploy Auvik’s virtual appliance on a blank Ubuntu image. In turn, this means it’s possible to deploy Auvik on Hyper-V, containers, or even physical machines. Because this feature is still in beta, please contact if you want to use it.

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