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2015W16 release – April 23, 2015


NEW! Remote Desktop & VNC

Need to remotely log into a machine and troubleshoot? Say good-bye to clunky VPNs. Now you can launch a remote desktop session with one click from your Auvik dashboard.

With Auvik, you’ve always been able to remotely manage any SSH- or Telnet-enabled device simply by popping open a terminal window inside Auvik. It’s one of our most popular features.

So with this release, we’re happy to roll out even more remote management capabilities. You can now remotely manage nearly any workstation on your network using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Virtual Network Computing (VNC). RDP works for Windows machines and VNC supports Mac, Linux, and lots of other operating systems.

NEW! UPS Dashboard

You can now monitor your uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) to understand the source of power outages and disruptions on your network. Very soon, you’ll also have the option of being notified in real-time of any power interruptions, and be able to keep on the condition of your power supplies, such as battery condition, charge percentage, time to discharge, and much more.

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