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March 2015 release


Using Auvik just got a whole lot easier — and faster. We listened to your feedback and redesigned the entire Auvik experience to make the product much simpler to navigate and much faster to load. A few of the design and topology improvements you’ll see in this release:

  • New side menu bar puts all features in one easily accessible spot
  • Lightning-fast page loads mean no more waiting for the info you need
  • Dashboards feature more data and are easier to navigate
  • New and upgraded map tooltips help you quickly understand network configuration
  • Network topology now includes virtualization platforms and the virtual machines “wired” into them

Plus, we’ve added a couple of important new features.

NEW! Network debugging tools

Auvik is a system that loves data. On the new device dashboards, you can now see routing configurations, ARP tables, and forwarding database tables.

A new Network Evidence tab allows you to select any device on your network, and in real time, know if your switches and routers can see that device. So much easier and faster than logging into a dozen CLIs to track MAC addresses!

NEW! Wi-Fi controller support

With this release, we’ve added support for enterprise-grade Wi-Fi controllers from Cisco, Aruba, HP Colubris, Ruckus, and Meru. This support includes wireless device inventory and network statistics.

We’ve added an article about how to enable SNMP on Meru controllers to the Knowledge Base, and will roll out articles for the other controllers in the coming days and weeks.

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