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December 2014 release


Auvik has officially launched! Yes, it’s true. We’re now out of beta.

If you're a current user, you'll see your free beta account transition to a free trial account. When you're ready to subscribe, click the Upgrade Now link in the trial banner at the top of your dashboard. If you have questions about pricing or subscriptions, you can:

Search and filter your network map

Search for items on your network by multiple properties including device name, device type, IP address, or MAC address. Want to find all the printers? Just type ‘printers’ into the search field and Auvik highlights all the printers on your network.

The search field is intelligent and will provide suggestions as you start to type. This comes in handy when you can’t quite remember the exact IP or MAC address of the device you’re looking for.

You can now filter your map as well to home in on specific aspects of your network. Interested in just the routers? Want to look at only one subnet? What about filtering out all end-user devices? When you apply a filter, Auvik redraws your network map to show you only the things you want to see.

Enjoy improved topology

With this release, you can expect to see improvements in the number of entities Auvik can accurately recognize. We’ve been hard at work covering off all the different vendors and devices, even the less common ones.

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