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October 2014 release


With the October 2014 release, we’ve focused on adding a number of features that give you more visibility and control over how Auvik interacts with the devices on your network.

  • The Discovery Settings page, introduced last month, now lets you see exactly which devices need credentials.

  • You can input credentials to be used only for the devices you select, or you can create a rule to reuse credentials on similar devices. For example, you can tell Auvik to use a particular username on all devices on a certain network.

  • You can now see which devices are authenticated with your saved credentials.

  • The Manage Devices tab now allows you to check the status of a device, verifying whether Auvik found a service (such as SNMP or login credentials) and was able to authenticate the device.

  • You can now disable Auvik from communicating with a single device.
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