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August 2014 release



  • Your physical topology has a new layout. It will now take the form of a tree structure rather than a star pattern. Unlike the star pattern, which redrew itself every time the map loaded, the tree structure remains unchanged unless you add or remove devices from your network. This should make it much easier to find things on your network.
  • Network nodes now collapse automatically to reduce visual clutter. You can always expand collapsed nodes to see more detail.
  • We’re entirely removing the logical topology for now. The feedback was that the way it displayed was a bit confusing, so we’re working on some improvements. Watch for a new version of logical topology in the next few months.

Configuration backup and restore

  • Configurations for all devices for which we have CLI access are now automatically backed up. You can view these backed-up configurations by clicking the Configuration tab on any device summary screen.
  • Auvik now scans for configuration changes every 60 seconds. If we notice the running config has changed, we’ll back it up.

Network selection

  • You now have the ability to toggle the scanning of a network on and off.
  • You can now delete any unwanted networks and their associated devices from Auvik and our discovery process.

The August release also contains miscellaneous performance improvements, numerous bug fixes, and support for a growing list of devices.

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