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2023-W42 Release - October 21, 2023


General Release Notice

  • New! Integration
    You can now integrate Auvik Network Management with Gradient MSP for an improved invoicing experience. Curious what other integrations are available? Check out the list in our knowledge base.
  • Windows 2012 and 2012r2 are End of Support (EOS)

    Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012r2 both reached EOS on October 10, 2023. Auvik can only support vendor-supported software. Please upgrade any machines running the collector service that are in this version of the Windows operating system.

Auvik Network Management (6)
  • New

    • Vendors

    • Identifications

      • (13) L2 and L3 Switch(es)

        • Vendor(s): Phoenix, JenNet, WorldWide Packets, Vigitron, Arista, Cisco, NVidia, Dell, H3C

      • (2) Access Point(s)

        • Vendor(s): Aruba, Extreme

      • (3) Router(s)

        • Vendor(s): ZyXel, Versa

      • (6) Printer(s)

        • Vendor(s): FujiFilm-Apeos, Sharp, Xerox

  • Bugs Fixed
    • Fixed a bug with Juniper switch stacks would have a non-member appear in the switch stack.

Auvik SaaS Management (6)
  • Improvements  

    • Updated NinjaOne deployment instructions to match the latest NinjaOne update

    • Added an export option within the Azure users menu.

    • Added an option to enable/disable tenant access for Auvik Support under Hub Settings > Settings menu

  • Bug Fixes

    • Resolved an issue where application usage rankings would not show properly.

    • Resolved an issue where Unclassified application counts would not match the number shown in the table

    • Improved loading time of Security Logs data, especially in instances with a high volume of data

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