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2023-W36 release - September 9, 2023


General Release Notice

  • Ubuntu 18.04 was at the end of life (EOL) as of April 30, 2023, and is no longer supported. This poses serious security risks for your systems. For this reason, Auvik ended support for this version on July 29, 2023. Ubuntu OVA and Bash Script collectors version 18.04 are no longer compatible and cannot connect to Auvik. The impacts of this are:
    • The 18.04 collector no longer receive updates

    • Network scans will not work

    • Device stats queries (SNMP/WMI) will not work

    • Remote management features will not be available

    • TrafficInsights and Syslog will no longer collect or receive data

    It is essential to upgrade your collector(s) to 22.04 (preferred). Instructions are located here or on this updated FAQ page. For help with this upgrade, please contact Auvik Tech Support. If you have already upgraded - thank you!

Auvik Network Management (10)
  • Vendors

  • Identification

    • (16) L2 and L3 Switches

      • Vendor(s):

        • Sophos, D-Link, Datto, Elecom, NVT Phybridge, Broadcom, Extreme, HPE Aruba, HPE, Huawei

    • (1) Access Points

      • Vendor(s)

        • LANCOM

    • (1) Routers

      • Vendor(s):

        • Advantech

    • (0) Firewall(s)

    • (8) Printers

      • Vendor(s)

        • Xerox, Xerox- Versalink, Fujifilm - Revoria Press, Lexmark, Sharp, Konica Minolita

  • Improved

    • Sophos model identification

    • Zyxel printer model identification

  • Releasing 

    • Docker Collector Release:

      • Open beta - Release - Monday, 9/11, throughout the week. Auvik will be releasing its Docker Collector in a Beta release. This is a new version of the collector that has been created to address more varied environments.

      • Docker FAQ

Auvik SaaS Management (7)
  • Improvements

    • Version 1.91 of SaaS Agent Released: This update brings enhanced stability and introduces new branding elements.

    • Enhanced Google Workspace Integration: End users can now import Google Groups and Google Organizational Units (OUs) as part of the Google Workspace integration.

    • Exportable Contracts List Data: Users can now export Contract List data for further analysis in external tools. The exported data includes comprehensive details about each configured contract, along with a list of discovered users for the respective application.

    • Streamlined Onboarding with Google Workspace: The Google Workspace integration is now incorporated into the onboarding process, simplifying the setup for new clients.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where the number of unclassified applications within the Applications menu would not match the number shown within reports.

    • Fixed an issue where some applications could appear multiple times due to variations in the captured URL scheme (e.g., http vs https).

    • Fixed an issue where source badges could disappear when certain filters were enabled.

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