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2023-W30 release - July 29, 2023


General Notice

  • Volunteers Wanted:

    • Auvik has begun Beta testing with a new Docker collector and is still looking for volunteers to work with as Auvik develops this functionality in its platform. The Beta testing has begun and will run through until the beginning of September. Those willing to participate must run a production collector alongside the beta versions of the Docker collector until a final GA Docker version is released to production.  Please contact your Customer Success Manager to see about participating.

  • Immediate Action Required

    • Ubuntu 18.04 is end of life (EOL) as of April 30, 2023 and is no longer supported. This poses serious security risks for your systems. For this reason, Auvik is ending support for this version on July 29, 2023. After this date, Ubuntu OVA and Bash Script collectors version 18.04 will no longer be compatible and will not be able to connect to Auvik. The impacts of this are:

      • The 18.04 collector will no longer receive updates

      • Network scans will not work

      • Device stats queries (SNMP/WMI) will not work

      • Remote management features will not be available

      • TrafficInsights and Syslog will no longer collect or receive data

      It is important to upgrade your collector(s) to 22.04 (preferred). Instructions are located here or at this updated FAQ page. For help with this upgrade, please contact Auvik Tech Support. If you have already upgraded - thank you!


Auvik Network Management

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  • New
    • Vendors:

    • Identifications:

      • UPC

        • APC

      • Switch

        • ZyXEL, Schneider, Engenius, TRENDnet, Nokia, BDCOM, Adtran, Centec, Datto

      • Layer 3 Switch

        • Dell, Linksys, Cisco, HP, Huawei, International Communications, Netgear, FS

      • Routers

        • Ubiquiti, Nokia

      • Access Points

        • Cisco, Enterasys

      • Printers

        • Epson, Konica Minolta, Toshiba, Fuji Xerox, Riso, Lexmark

  • Improved
    • Device recognition of Exigent devices and Fortinet VMs

  • Fixed

    • Continued VMWare Hypervisor monitoring. VMWare has changed how we can communicate with their equipment with the 8.0+ releases. Auvik has finalized the code changes for an upcoming release to address this issue.

Auvik SaaS Management

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  • Fixed
    • Resolved an issue where duplicate users could be created.

    • Resolved an issue where certain page elements wouldn’t load when clicking an application from the “Classified Applications” menu.

    • Fixed an issue where usage graphs would show with extended height.

  • Coming Soon

    • The integration of Google Workspace will be available prior to the next Network Management release cycle. Users will be able to access it from the Utilities menu for syncing of User and Group imports with GWS.


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