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2023-W28 release - July 15, 2023


General Notice

  • Volunteers Wanted:

    • Auvik will begin Beta testing with a new docker collector and is looking for volunteers to work with as Auvik develops this functionality in its platform. The testing plan has been recently updated, and the new anticipated start date is now in July. It will run through until the beginning of September to provide an initial product for production. Those willing to participate must run a production collector alongside the beta versions of the Docker collector until a final GA Docker version is released to production. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to see about participating.

  • Two weeks left!!! Update Your Collector - Ubuntu free support has run out.

    • The Ubuntu 18.04 version is not supported but will continue to work with your Auvik tenant until July 29, 2023. By then, the 18.04 Ubuntu versions will no longer be compatible with Auvik's systems.  The preferred upgrade is to 22.04. 

      • User intervention, while minimal, is required. Auvik has provided information on how to perform this upgrade. Instructions are located here. Auvik has also provided an updated FAQ page if you have any questions about this upgrade. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support if you have any questions it does not address.

Auvik Network Management
  • Vendors:

  • Identifications:

    • New device models identified:

      • Switches (15)

        • Extreme, Cisco. EnGenius. Intellinet, Intelbras, Alloy, Ruckus, Cisco Nexus

      • Routers (1)

        • Cisco

      • Access Points (1)

        • Aruba

      • Firewall (0)

      • Printers

        • FujiFilm Apeos, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Delcop, Toshiba, Canon, FujiFilm Revoria, Epson

    • H3C Stack Support. Auvik can now identify H3C switch stacks as a follow-up to Aruba Stacking. This functionality will be added Monday, July 17th.

  • Improved:

    • Better classification! Sophos Firewalls are better identified from generic devices.

  • Coming Soon: 

    • Continued VMWare Hypervisor monitoring. VMWare has changed how Auvik communicates with its equipment with the 8.0+ releases. Auvik is finalizing the code for an upcoming release to address this issue.

Auvik SaaS Management
  • New:

    • ASM will run a quick scan when deployed on any new client site, leveraging browser logs and other data points to valuable SaaS data immediately for the last 30 days on new deployments.

    • Users can run reports based on the Application Platform (Cloud, Desktop, or Hybrid apps) for improved granularity in reporting.

    • Incorporated new options into the “Add Client” screen for users to easily set up new client sites.

    • Added integration guide for Connectwise RMM platform

  • Improved:

    • Azure Integration for Users and SaaS data now uses a multi-tenant model which allows MSP admins to select any tenant in their Azure environment.

    • Our prior “App Registration” required as a part of the integration now happens automatically, with no additional setup steps needed. This should significantly lower setup time.

    • The Azure integration will pull data for the prior 30 days to provide more real-time insights for new clients and sites during first-time setup.

    • Bulk Application Editor under the “Utilities” menu will now allow for both unclassified and classified apps to be edited.

    • User Invitation model now allows for other authentication methods other than SSO and to allow admins to invite/revoke invites to users.

    • Updated in-app Microsoft Intune integration guide for ease of deployment

    • CSVs now export all data shown in a particular table.

    • Users can now manually edit the name of discovered users and devices

  • Fixed:

    • Resolved an issue where days would show incorrectly when run.

    • Resolved an issue where duplicate users would temporarily show in some MacOS deployments

    • Resolved an issue where some reports would return all sub-reports, even when unchecked

    • Resolved an issue with Lifecycle Insights integration in which some requests would time out

    • Resolved an issue where some log events would not be flagged as generic credentials in the security logs menu.

    • Resolved an issue where the Azure integration would not pull data for the prior day on its regular nightly cadence.

    • Resolved an issue where reports would not adhere to the selected “sub report” checkboxes.

    • Resolved an issue where the offboard report would sometimes not return data.

  • Coming Soon: 

    • New Contracts report for understanding SaaS spend.

    • Ability to see how specific applications were discovered

    • Google Workspace Integration for Users, Groups, and Events!

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