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2023-W26 release - July 1, 2023


New Vendors!  Deep Sea Electronics, i-PRO.

New Identification! Auvik has identified new models for for 15 L3 Switch and L2 switch models from vendors Alcatel-Lucent, Wago, Netgear, Neteon, Intelbras, Cisco, Moxa, Cisco; seven router models from vendors Cisco, Siemens, Nokia; one access point from vendor Acatel-Lucent; and several printers, which include models from vendors, Xerox, Apeos, Toshiba, Sharp.

Improved! Model identification of Zyxel devices.

Coming Soon: New Stack Support!  Auvik will be adding stacking capabilities for H3C switches following up on the addition of the Aruba Stacking.

Volunteers Wanted.
Auvik will begin beta testing with a new Docker collector for x86/x64 processors and is looking for volunteers to work with as Auvik develops this functionality in its platform. The testing has been extended and the new anticipated start date is now August and will run through to October 2023.  Beta participants will need to run a production collector alongside the beta versions of the Docker collector until a final GA Docker version is released to production.  Please contact your Customer Success Manager to see about participating or sign up here.

Critical: Action Required by July 29, 2023!

Please upgrade your collector. Ubuntu free support has run out.
The Ubuntu 18.04 version is now end of life (EOL). Starting July 29, 2023, 18.04 Ubuntu versions will no longer be compatible with Auvik's systems. Please upgrade to version 22.04 to avoid disruptions to your business. 

User intervention, while minimal, is required. Auvik has provided information on how to perform this upgrade. Instructions are located here. Auvik has also provided an updated FAQ page if you have any questions about this upgrade. Please reach out to Support if you have any questions it does not address.

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