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2023-W20 release - May 20, 2023


New Vendors!  Auvik has added new vendors for Comprimato, Agere Systems,  ACT Networks, Sindoh, and Sensaphone

New Identification! Auvik has identified new models for 32 L3 Switch and L2 switch models from vendors D-Link, H3C,  Juniper, HPE Aruba, Ruckus, Extreme, SMC, Pheonix Contract, Grandstream, ORing, Ubiquiti, Ruijie; six router models from vendors Cisco, Dynastar, Ekinops, Enterasys, Aethra Telecommunications; one firewall model from vendors Cisco Firepower; three wireless access point models from vendors Planet, Cradle Point, ORiNOCO; and several printers which include models from vendors, Xerox, Apeos, Toshiba and Sharp.

Identification for Cisco CX111x Series devices and Mikrotik Routers has now been improved.

Auvik implemented some changes to improve identification of MAC addresses. Devices that were previously identified as “Generic Device” may now be identified with additional attributes.  

Collector hostname as the default description!  As part of the initial connection to the Auvik Cloud, the collector will attempt to retrieve the machine hostname and provide it as part of its web socket connection. The cloud will use this information as the collector's default description. Auvik will default to the input description and not the Hostname if a description is provided to the collector. As with a user-configured description, the default hostname description can be used to identify collectors when setting up which routed networks are to be scanned and their primary/secondary collector.  More information can be found here.

Coming Soon. Improved Stacking support. Auvik will be able to provide stacking functionality support for HPE Aruba Switch stacks and H3C stack.  We will be contacting clients whose billing will be affected prior to the change..  

Volunteers wanted. Auvik will begin Alpha testing with a new docker collector for x86/x64 processors and is looking for volunteers to work with as Auvik develops this functionality in its platform. This testing is currently scheduled to start in mid to late June into July. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to see about participating.

ServiceNow Integration: 

Auvik’s incident management integration with ServiceNow has been certified with their latest UTAH version. This makes the App compatible with current and previous versions: Utah, Tokyo, San Diego. More details can be found on ServiceNow App Store


Please upgrade your collector.  Ubuntu free support has run out. The Ubuntu 18.04 version is not supported but will continue to work with your Auvik tenant until July 29, 2023. By then the 18.04 Ubuntu versions will no longer be compatible with Auvik’s systems.  The preferred upgrade is to 22.04.

User intervention, while minimal, is required. Auvik has provided information on how to perform this upgrade. Instructions are located here. Auvik has also provided an updated FAQ page if you have any questions about this upgrade. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Support if you have any questions it does not address.


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