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Deploying Auvik SaaS Management using Kaseya VSA


This article explains how to deploy the SaaS Management data collector to your devices via Kaseya VSA.
The SaaS Management agent can be easily deployed via Kaseya VSA via it’s Agent Procedure feature. 


  1. SaaS Management uses different variables from Kaseya like Client Name and Client ID. This allows SaaS Management to use one single script that you can deploy across all clients.
  2. You do not have to manually create a client from within the SaaS Management platform. When the automation is run, Kaseya will automatically create the client’s account in SaaS Management using their name and client ID from Kaseya.

Deploying using Kaseya

  1. Open Kaseya VSA
  2. Navigate to the Agent Procedures > Manage Procedures > Schedule/Create
  3. Click the Manage Files button at the top of the page.
  4. A new screen will appear with a link to two folders: Private Files and Shared Files
  5. Select the Shared Files option so the script is accessible across all devices from a shared location
  6. Open a new tab of Auvik SaaS Management
  7. Navigate to Org Preferences > Integrations> Kaseya VSA 
  8. Click the Download Script button to download the SaaS Management deployment script locally to your workstation
  9. Return to Kaseya VSA
  10. Select the Upload File button
  11. Select the file you download locally in the previous step
  12. After a successful upload, you should see a new file in the Shared folder called Saaslio Install Windows Agent - No Touch
  13. Run this procedure on any devices to
    1. Create the client if one is not already created
    2. Install the Auvik SaaS Management Data Collector on the device
  14. You can run the newly uploaded procedure from the Create/Schedule Agent Procedure Menu by selecting the desired devices and clicking Schedule Agent Procedure
    We recommend running the agent procedure on a few devices first before deploying organization-wide. It is also recommended that you set the script to run on a daily schedule to capture any new devices that may be added.
  15. If the script has run successfully, you’ll see the devices appear under the SaaS Management platform under Clients > (Select the Newly Created Client) > Users > Devices Tab after about 10 minutes 
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