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Deploying Auvik SaaS Management using a Generic Powershell Script


The SaaS Management agent can be easily deployed via a general Powershell script that can be used to install the Auvik SaaS Management Agent as well as the applicable browser extensions.

Note: The script may be compatible with other versions of Powershell, but has been tested for compatibility on Powershell version 3.0 and up. You can determine your version by opening Powershell and typing `$PSVersionTable`.

  1. To get started, navigate to the Auvik SaaS Management Platform
  2. Navigate to Org Preferences > Integrations > Custom Script > View
  3. If you’re deploying the SaaS Management agent to an existing site, select it from the dropdown. Otherwise, select the New Client option
  4. Enter the Client Name and Client Domain(s) in the pop-up
  5. Select Save
    A new option will appear with a pre-populated Powershell script that can be run on any target device to install the SaaS Management data collector. 
  6. You can either copy/paste the script, or download the script as a .ps1 file.
  7. Run the script via Powershell on the local device, your RMM, or your Endpoint management tool of choice
    Note: Permissions needed may vary depending on your configuration. The deployment typically requires escalated privileges (Such as running as admin) in order to deploy and install the desktop collector and to install the SaaS Management browser extensions.
  8. After running the script, you should see some output stating that the SaaS Management agent has installed successfully
  9. If the script has run successfully, you’ll see the devices appear under the SaaS Management platform under Clients > (Select the Newly Created Client) > Users > Devices Tab after about 10 minutes
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