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Deploying Auvik SaaS Management with SyncroMSP


This article explains how to deploy the SaaS Management data collector to your devices via SyncroMSP.


  1. SaaS Management uses different data variables from SyncroMSP during the deployment process. This allows SaaS Management to use one single script that you can deploy across all clients.
  2. You do not have to manually create a client within the SaaS Management platform. When the automation is run, SyncroMSP will automatically generate the client’s account in SaaS Management using their name and client ID from SyncroMSP.

The SaaS Management agent can be easily deployed via the Scripts module within SyncroMSP.

Creating a Deployment Script in SyncroMSP’s Scripting Library

  1. Open SyncroMSP
  2. Navigate to the Scripts 
    This menu will allow you to upload the Auvik SaaS Management Script which can be saved and deployed to your users.
  3. After selecting the Scripting option, you’ll be shown a group of existing scripts within the SyncroMSP
  4. In the top right of the screen, select the New Script button
  5. When presented with the New Script screen, set the fields a follows:
    1. Name: Auvik SaaS Management Deployment Script
    2. Description: (Auvik SaaS Management Version)
    3. File Type: PowerShell
    4. Run as: System 
    5. Max Script Run Time: 10 Minutes

Auvik SaaS Management uses variables from SyncroMSP to identify which client or site a device is associated with.

  1. Change the File Type to Powershell
  2. You’ll see a new button to Add Script Variable select this option to see new options for variable configuration.
  3. Fill the fields out as follows:
    1. Variable Name: s_OrganizationID
    2. Variable Type: platform
    3. Variable Value: {{customer_id}}
  4. Repeat this process a second time to add a second variable for customer name
  5. Fill the fields for the second variable out as follows:
    1. Variable Name: s_OrganizationName
    2. Variable Type: platform
      Variable Value: {{customer_business_name}}
  6. In a separate tab, open Auvik SaaS Management
  7. Navigate to Org Preferences > Integrations > Syncro
  8. Copy the script highlighted in green at the bottom of the page from the SaaS Management platform
  9. Navigate back to SyncroMSP
  10. Paste it into the Script field in your newly created Syncro script
  11. When you’ve successfully pasted the script into the Syncro script editor, click Save in the upper right-hand corner to save the script to your scripting library.

Running the SaaS Management Deployment Script on a Group of Target Devices

Note: Syncro will allow you to run scripts via Policies, via the Assets & RMM, or across all current Syncro devices.

To run the script on a specific group of target workstations manually:

  1. Navigate to the Assets & RMM Menu
  2. Select the desired devices you’d like to deploy the Auvik SaaS Management in the table shown
  3. Once you’ve selected the desired devices, select Manage > Run Script at the top of the screenOn the following screen, you’ll be able to select your newly created script as well as other run-time details. Your exact configuration may change depending on your desired behavior, but we recommend setting the script to Run Once to ensure devices are checking in properly. You can then set the script to run daily to capture any offline devices.
  4. If the script has run successfully, you’ll see the devices appear under the Clients > (Select Newly Created Client) > Users > Devices Tab
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