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2023-W10 release - March 11, 2023


NEW! Vendors identified MiMOMax, Enatel, GFD, PATLITE

IMPROVED! Device identification for 11 L3 Switch and L2 switch models from vendors Positron Access Solutions, 3onedata, Raisecom, Stratix, Broadcom, HP Aruba, Planet, Adtran, Moxa; one router from vendor Palo Alto; four wireless access point models from vendors D-Link, Lancom, ComNet; nine firewalls from vendors Fortinet, Cisco; and several printers which include models from vendors, Xerox, FujiFilm Apeos, Canon, Develop INeo, Xerox, Brother, Epson, TSC, and Lexmark.

FIXED! Issues with extra subnet appearing on sites using Meraki cloud controller.

UPGRADES HAVE STARTED! Upgrade of OVA collector from 18.04 to 22.04: The upgrades have begun on a small subset of clients. Auvik has provided instructions on how to upgrade 22.04 for clients that are still on 18.04. These will want to be upgraded  over the months of March and April. Due to the nature of this OS reinstall user intervention, while minimal, will be required. Notifications will begin showing on your tenants this week if you have a version that requires updating.  Auvik has provided information on how to do this upgrade.

Auvik has also provided an FAQ page if you have any questions about this upgrade. Please reach out to your CSM or Support if you have any questions it does not address.

COMING SOON: SNMP Poller Workflow Enhancements

User interface enhancements that help identify and present information relating to network devices when creating SNMP pollers. Auvik users can now select the unit measurement type from a predefined dropdown list while also allowing for custom unit definition if required.

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