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2023-W06 release - February 11, 2023


NEW! Added new vendors Oscilloquartz, JMA Wireless, Legrand, Gigabeam, Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems

IMPROVED! Device identification for seven L3 Switch and L2 switch models from vendors FS, Cisco, Duxbury, Alcatel-Lucent, Transition Networks; three routers from vendors Nokia, Cisco, Perle; eight wireless access point models from vendors Meraki, Cambium Networks, HPE, Legrand, Teltronics International; two firewalls from vendor Fortinet; and several printers which include models from vendors Xerox, and Lexmark.

UPGRADES STARTING SOON! Upgrade of OVA 18.04 to 22.04. The upgrade will begin with selected Canary deployments starting the week of February 12th then slowly rolled out to the rest of Auvik’s clients through March 31st. Auvik has information on how to do this upgrade yourself if you’d prefer located here.

Auvik has provided a FAQ page if you have any questions about this upgrade. Please reach out to your CSM or Support if you have any questions it does not address

MAP PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT! The mapping team is releasing a performance increase for the map. This will no longer wait for a predetermined locked-in wait time before loading the topology. This will provide faster rendering and quicker performance of the mapping load times. This will be available on Monday Feb 13th, 2023.

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