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2017W48 release - December 2, 2017


NEW! Auvik deployment maintenance windows

We know how annoying it can be to receive alerts that don’t necessarily require your attention. To help avoid such alerts during our scheduled maintenance windows, we’ve now implemented a global maintenance window.

The global maintenance window covers Auvik’s scheduled maintenance sessions. It works the same way as a window you create for your clients—it suppresses alerts during the window.

After any Auvik maintenance session, be sure to check All Alerts from your client dashboard to see if there are any open alerts that require your attention.

UPDATE! Remote management audit log

We recently implemented remote management audit logs on your client dashboard. Now you can access audit logs from your multi-client dashboard to see a history of tunnel sessions and remote terminal sessions established against devices for a given client.

UPDATE! ConnectWise Manage inventory sync

When syncing inventory from Auvik to ConnectWise Manage, you now have the option to update inactive configuration records in ConnectWise Manage. This new setting is disabled by default, which means by default we won’t update any inactive ConnectWise Manage configuration records.

If you decide to allow Auvik to update inactive configuration records, this will change the status of the ConnectWise Manage record to Active.

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