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2017W28 release - July 12, 2017


NEW! Discovery troubleshooting view

When you’re onboarding a new device or network into Auvik, one of the first tasks is to configure your devices with appropriate discovery protocols, like SNMP, login (SSH or Telnet), WMI, or VMware. 

Now, when your Auvik installation is unable to establish a connection to a device using one of these protocols, there’s a widget that shows you where Auvik was unable to authenticate and retrieve information. There are also in-line remediation recommendations and links to helpful Knowledge Base articles.

IMPROVED! Hardware (BIOS) serial numbers from WMI

When monitoring a server or workstation with the WMI protocol, Auvik is able to retrieve the OS-level serial number as reported by Windows.

Previously, when a company’s fleet of workstations was imaged with a volume-license key, the serial number would appear the same on all devices.

Now, from within Discovery Settings, you can instruct Auvik to pull the hardware or software level serial number through WMI. The setting is hierarchical, so if you specify your preference from the MSP dashboard, it applies to all your current clients and any new ones you add in the future.

Note: If you’ve configured a PSA integration and are using the serial number as one of your configuration identifiers, please review How do I manage discovery services? for the potential impact to your Autotask or ConnectWise Manage inventory sync.

IMPROVED! Billing usage

Not long ago we introduced a usage widget to provide detailed information on which devices are deemed billable over the course of a date range (e.g., last week or last invoice). This usage information wasn't available for certain Auvik instances. 

Now, the usage widget can be viewed from any account within your client hierarchy, from the current account down.

Please note: Access to the usage widget is guarded behind the Billing category within a role definition. You should review the assigned roles for your user base to ensure the appropriate level of access is assigned.

BUG SQUASH! Configuration backup support for shared collectors

We identified a specific circumstance where a shared collector installed on a client network containing a SonicWALL device prevented configuration backups from being retrieved. 

Now, your shared collectors are able to retrieve configuration backups from SonicWALLs as long as your login status has a green checkmark.

If you continue to have issues on this front, please contact Auvik support for more help.

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