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2017W26 release - June 29, 2017


NEW! Cisco Meraki cloud controller integration

Woohoo! Many of you have asked for this, so we’re excited to launch our first cloud controller integration—into Cisco Meraki’s dashboard. In Auvik, you’ll now have visibility into Meraki devices and downstream devices that you didn’t have before, including a deeper understanding of how Meraki devices are interacting through a network. The integration makes use of the Cisco Meraki Dashboard API to access information not readily available through SNMP.

IMPROVED! Discovery of public subnets

In a typical client environment, you don’t usually need to scan a public subnet. Previously, Auvik automatically detected public subnet(s) that your Internet-facing devices might be configured for but we didn’t automatically scan them. Now, public subnet scans require you to actively opt in. This new step is to make sure the scan is really what you want.

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