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How do I troubleshoot issues with my Auvik / Continuum integration?


There are a few possible issues you might experience when trying to integrate Auvik with Continuum:

Testing the connection produces a fail message


After setting the integration details for your new Auvik / Continuum integration, you selected Test Connection. You received a fail message.


The first thing to check is whether the URL and integrator tokenID you entered are correct. Make any necessary corrections, then click Test Connection again.

If Test Connection is still producing a failure after you’ve confirmed the URL and tokenID are correct, please contact Auvik support.

Continuum companies aren’t available for mapping


After creating the integration, your Continuum companies aren’t appearing for mapping to your Auvik clients.


By default Continuum only syncs companies with at least one RMM agent running for the company. Confirm that each company you want mapped to your Auvik clients has at least one RMM agent.

New Auvik alerts aren’t opening new Continuum tickets


Alerts triggered in Auvik aren’t being sent to Continuum.


Check whether the details set on your Auvik / Continuum integration are correct. From your MSP dashboard, select to edit the integration. Click Test Connection.

  • If you receive a pass message, click Cancel.
  • If you receive a fail message, confirm the URL and tokenID are correct. If you need to update either one, remember to click Save to capture the updated details.

Now that you’ve confirmed the details are accurate, are you still experiencing issues? If so, please contact Auvik support.

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