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Integrating Auvik with Continuum


For more information on editing, deleting, disabling, and enabling integrations, see How do I edit, delete, disable, or enable integrations?

Auvik connects to Continuum for alert notifications.

To set up an Auvik integration to Continuum, you need to create the new integration in Auvik.

The Continuum integration isn’t available within Auvik by default. To make it available, please contact Auvik support and we’ll be happy to set you up.

How to add a new Continuum integration

  1. Click Integrations in the side navigation bar.
  2. Hover over the Add Integration button and select Continuum.
  3. Fill in the following detail:
    1. Integration name
    2. Continuum URL
    3. Integrator TokenID
  4. Optional: Click Test Connection to confirm your settings are accurate.
  5. Click Save.

Before you can use the integration with Continuum, there are two final configuration steps:

  1. Mapping your Continuum customers to your Auvik clients (only applicable if you add the integration from your MSP dashboard)
  2. Creating or editing a notification channel to be associated with the Auvik alerts sent to Continuum for each of the mapped clients.
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