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2017W6 release - February 8, 2017


IMPROVED! Full-screen terminal

We heard you. Multitaskers and power users like you need the ability to take the terminal full screen and in a separate tab. For certain tasks, you may want to copy the scrollback as you’ve been making configuration changes. Or you might just want to change your cursor style. It’s all there.

NEW! WatchGuard VPN tunnel support

Site-to-site VPN connections defined on a WatchGuard firewall are now visible on the Tunnels tab of the firewall dashboard. The connections can now also be monitored through the VPN Remote Gateway Is Lost alert.

NEW! Support for HP 5100 series switches

Now you’re speaking my language—literally. Auvik can now understand and communicate with your HP 5100 series switch’s command line interface. So configuration backups will now occur once you’ve put in a login credential for the device.

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