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2017W2 release - January 11, 2017


IMPROVED! Credential management

Credential management in Auvik (SNMP, login, WMI, and VMware) just got better.

Do you have a common credential—an SNMP community string, for example—that applies to all or many of your clients? Now you can add that credential from your MSP dashboard and make it available for all clients. No more adding the same credential client by client. Oh, the time savings!

Existing partners will be excited to hear you can now edit, reset, and restore credentials in addition to adding them globally. Progress—it's a wonderful thing.

IMPROVED! Collector reconnects

In the past, you might have noticed quite a few blips with the Auvik collector—it would appear to go offline and then come back. Now momentary blips in the connection are handled more gracefully with no interruption to monitoring. You’ll only be alerted when the collector has actually gone offline for longer than the defined time in the Auvik collector offline alert.

We'll continue to monitor and make improvements to the collector.

IMPROVED! Stats collection

Stats collection is now a lot smarter when handling large queries. In the past, when looking at a large date range, Auvik would average the data points—but that lost spikes. We’ve now released an improved algorithm that better preserves the peaks and valleys in your graphs. We’ve also dramatically increased the amount of raw data we keep to allow you to zoom in for more detail.

NEW! System status page

Auvik's system status page is now available. The page is designed to give you relevant, timely, and in-depth information about service incidents that may be occurring on the Auvik platform. You can access the system status page from any web browser by going to

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