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2022-W42 release - Oct 22, 2022


IMPROVED! Device identification

We’ve improved device identification for 117 L3 switch and L2 switch models from Allied Telesis, Antaira, Arista, Cisco, D-Link, Extreme Networks, FS, HPE, Industrial Ethernet Solutions, Mellanox, Microsens, and TP-Link; 4 routers from Aethra Communications, HPE, CradlePoint, and HPE; 3 wireless access points from Cisco and D-Link; 1 firewall from Cisco; and several printers including models from vendors DEVELOP, FujiFilm, Konica Minolta, Sharp, Toshiba, and Xerox. We’ve also added identification for new vendors Cloud Electronics, KenCast, and LAWO.


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