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Stuck on "Looking for Packet Capture Adapters"


If Tonic gets stuck on "Looking for Packet Capture Adapters", this means that it is not receiving packets from a compatible packet capture adapter. This is usually because a compatible packet capture adapter is not present, or Tonic wasn't able to swap in the packet capture driver.

Note: As of 2022-03-30, we've released Tonic 1.0.2 to the Beta channel, which fixes a major bug around this issue. If you're having this issue, we recommend updating to 1.0.2 or newer.


Check Packet Capture Adapter Support

Make sure you have connected a supported packet capture adapter. See our list of supported packet capture adapters for more information.

Manually Swap in the Driver

When Tonic launches (when the "Reconfiguring Wi-Fi Adapter" message appears), it attempts to swaps out the adapter's normal driver for a special packet capture driver. If the driver is not swapped successfully, then Tonic will not be able to see the packet capture adapter.

It is possible to manually swap in the packet capture driver, and begin capturing packets in Tonic.

1. While Tonic is running, open the Device Manager. You should see the adapter(s) listed. They may be using a standard driver, or they may not have a driver installed.


2. Right-Click the packet capture adapter and select Update Driver


3. Select Browse my computer for driversNote: If you have multiple adapters, you may be able to select Search automatically for drivers for subsequent adapters.


4. When Windows asks where to find drivers, use the path C:\Program Files (x86)\MetaGeek\Tonic\RTLUSB. driver-path.png

5. If Windows finds and accepts the drivers, the device name should include a "[CommView]" label.


6. Repeat the above steps for subsequent PCAP adapters, until all packet capture adapters show the "[CommView]" label in their device name.


7. Check back with MetaGeek Tonic, which should now be capturing packets. Check the Status Pane in the upper right to ensure that all packet capture adapters are functioning properly. Note: Tonic supports a maximum of three concurrent packet capture adapters.


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