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Tonic 1.0.2 (Mar. 25, 2022)


In This Release

  • We found the bug that would cause our driver swap to fail! It was pretty simple - we were pointing at the wrong driver directory. D'oh! This would cause Tonic to not find any supported packet capture adapters, and get stuck waiting for packets. It's fixed now, so Tonic should automatically swap in the packet capture drivers on launch, and it should swap back in the original drivers on exit. If you have any trouble with this, let us know by contacting MetaGeek Support.

Known Issues

  • There still isn't a graceful way to stop a trial. Fortunately, Tonic is full-featured in trial mode, so it shouldn't hurt anything. We're still planning on fixing this though.
  • There's something weird going on with the Retries graph. And by something weird, we mean that it basically doesn't work. Retries are pretty important, so we'll get that fixed soon!
  • The Connected Data Rate field isn't working. We've got plans to replace it with a Client Tx Data Rate, and perhaps an AP Tx Data Rate as well.
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