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Tonic 1.0.1 (Mar. 22, 2022)


In This Release

  • When Tonic starts, it looks for compatible packet capture adapters, and attempts to swap in special drivers for them. This release of Tonic adds descriptive error messages if something goes wrong, and provides instructions to help resolve the problem.
  • In the Time Graphs, there was a delay before the exact value tooltip would appear. This was totally unnecessary, so we removed it! As you mouse over the graphs, the tooltips now appear instantly.

Known Issues

  • In some cases, Tonic isn't reliably swapping in the packet capture adapter drivers on launch. As noted above, we've added helpful links to work around the issue as a temporary fix. We have also exposed some error messaging to help us get a better idea of why things aren't working.
  • There still isn't a graceful way to stop a trial. Fortunately, Tonic is full-featured in trial mode, so it shouldn't hurt anything. We're still planning on fixing this though.
  • The "Send to" options in the File menu don't do anything yet, but they will very soon - the developers are actively working on it!
  • Something about the "Retries" time graph is just wrong. It's on the short list of things to take a look at!
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