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Tonic 1.0 (Mar. 15, 2022)


In This Release

  • Whoa, Tonic 1.0 is here! It's absolutely brand new, and we have a massive list of features to add, but we think it's ready to start using for Wi-Fi troubleshooting!
  • In the last Beta release, there was an issue where packets in the selected timespan weren't being added and removed properly, resulting in negative packet counts and airtime usage. That's all fixed now - the packet counts and airtime increment and decrement correctly!
  • The icons in the Status Pane weren't aligned and spaced properly, but they are now. We like fixing those little details, which is good, because there are more things like this to fix!

Known Issues

  • Tonic 1.0 is brand new, and bleeding edge! We're finding it to be super stable and reliable, but there are still some user interface bugs and inconsistencies here and there. There are also lots of features that we want to implement! This "1.0" release probably won't stay current for very long - we plan to continue rapid development of Tonic!
  • There still isn't a graceful way to stop a trial. Fortunately, Tonic is full-featured in trial mode, so it shouldn't hurt anything. We're still planning on fixing this though.
  • The "Send to" options in the File menu don't do anything yet, but they will very soon - the developers are actively working on it!
  • Something about the "Retries" time graph is just wrong. We will look into that very soon.
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