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Tonic (Mar. 10, 2022)


In This Release

  • Tonic now has a 14-day trial! If you have a friend or co-worker who wants to try Tonic, they just need to grab a compatible packet capture adapter, and download the installer. That's it! Fast, frictionless... hang on, are we talking about Tonic, or captive portals?! Either way, we wanted trialing Tonic to be the opposite of using a captive portal.
  • The Channels Table has a new feature! As the PCAP adapters sweep channels, a dot will appear next to the channel that the adapter is capturing on. The color of the dot corresponds to the adapter, so you can tell which adapter is doing what. There's a similar dot in the Networks Table, but it is currently based on network activity (and isn't color-coded yet). The network activity dot will probably get some... tweaking, but we're super happy with the dot on the channels view.
  • The divider between the table and Spectrum Graph panes in the Networks View and Channels View is now moveable! The divider isn't styled yet, and we'll probably tune when a horizontal scrollbar appears in the table in a future update.
  • We added Selected Timespan Markers to the Time Graphs! They show up as vertical green lines, which mark the timespan that you have selected. If you select a 10-minute timespan (which is the maximum), they disappear (for now). We'll probably work on these more soon, but we wanted to get something basically functional out there.
  • We also fixed the formatting of the header in the Time Graphs, and froze the time markers to the top. Now, only the graphs themselves scroll vertically, so you can always see the markers.
  • The timespan mouseover marker in the Time Graphs now uses the local timezone on your machine! It will even show 24-hour time, if your machine is configured that way.
  • To keep the Selected Timespan Markers from interfering with the "move up" and "move down" buttons, we moved the "move up" and "move down" buttons to the left side of the graphs. We hope you agree that this move is a "move up" for the "move up" and "move down" buttons.
  • The Channel Airtime bar chart wasn't being drawn in the BSSID Details view for some reason. It's working now!
  • There are keyboard shortcuts for some of the menu items! Nice.
  • Not a big deal, but we organized the Help menu a bit. We also added a link to the Supported Packet Capture Adapters list, and a link to the User Guide (which we'll finish writing soon).

Known Issues

  • There isn't a graceful way to stop your trial, and sign in with a real MetaGeek Account, once you've started the trial. For now, we don't recommend testing the "Start a Trial" button, unless you really do want to start a trial.
  • The negative packets number issue that we mentioned last time is still a thing. For now, the workaround is to change the selected timespan, which causes Tonic to do a fresh packet count. We've also noticed that this can mess up airtime calculations, so keep an eye out for that if you run Tonic for awhile.
  • Something about the "Retries" time graph is just wrong. We will look into that very soon.
  • The "Send to" options in the File menu don't do anything yet. We'll get those implemented soon.
  • The Status Pane icons in the upper right have some alignment issues.
  • There are a lot more unimplemented or half-implemented features - we'll keep working on adding stuff!
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