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Tonic (Mar. 2, 2022)


In This Release

  • In the Packet Events Table, we now display the time that the event occurred in your local timezone, instead of UTC. If your system is configured to use 24-hour time, events are displayed in 24-hour time! Nice!
  • In the Packet Events table, Packet Events that are older than 10 minutes don’t disappear anymore. Instead, they just turn grey, indicating that the event is no longer in the packet buffer. A greyed out Packet Event can't be clicked, but you can still see that it happened.
  • Additionally, the newest events in the Packet Events table are now at the top!
  • For some reason, some of the MCS columns in certain tables weren’t populated when they should have been. Ryan noticed it, and fixed it.
  • There was some leftover code that would cause “toasts” (little notification banners) to appear at the bottom of the app. We’re planning on implementing a new, unified “toast” system along the top, so we’ve removed the old toasts along the bottom for now.
  • We’ve gone plaid! When you open a PCAP file, Tonic now opens it in “Ludicrous Mode”, processing all of the packets as quickly as possible until we meet the end of the PCAP file. Opening existing PCAPs is not Tonic’s focus right now, but we do find that this is super useful for testing things, and we think you might find some uses for it as well.
  • We added a shortcut to the temporary PCAPs folder in the “Tools” menu, so you can get there quickly to find an old PCAP event, or clear out the folder to make some disk space. Right now, we have some logic here that automatically removes files from this folder every now and then. After getting some feedback about it, we are planning to remove this functionality, and let you manage the folder yourself. Until then, be careful about storing anything in there.
  • There was a small trigger in Tonic that would keep us from updating the Networks Table until the adapters had completed a complete sweep of the spectrum. We removed that trigger, so now, the Networks Table populates in almost real-time as we do the first sweep. It mostly just looks cooler.
  • The 2.4 and 5 GHz Spectrum Graph headers weren’t styled right! Now they’re styled right! Wow!
  • Speaking of the 2.4 and 5 GHz graphs, we used to use different colors for signal strength markers. We decided to use dark grey for lower signal strengths, and a lighter grey for higher signal strengths to keep things clean.
  • We fixed some styling issues around the tables in the Networks View and Channels View, and tuned up some of the default column widths.

Known Issues

  • Instead of tracking the total amount of packets it has captured, Tonic keeps track of how many packets it has within the selected timespan (like 30 seconds, or 5 minutes). This involves adding a packet when we see a new one, and removing the packet when it falls off the timespan. In some cases, things get out of sync, and we see negative packet numbers. For example, we’ll say we saw -7 packets during the last 30 seconds. Obviously, that isn’t right… we’re holding something wrong, somewhere. We’ll get it fixed soon. For now, the workaround is to change the selected timespan, which causes Tonic to do a fresh packet count.
  • The timespan mouseover marker is still in UTC. We have plans to make it use the same time and time format as the Events View.
  • Channel Airtime isn’t being drawn in the BSSID Details view for some reason. It was working before, so it’s probably an easy fix.
  • The “Save” option in the File menu always tries to open Eye P.A., which isn’t intentional. We’ll make it just save, most likely in the next release.
  • The “Send to” options in the File menu don’t do anything yet. We’ll get those implemented soon.
  • There are a lot more unimplemented or half-implemented features - we’ll keep working on adding stuff!
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