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Tonic (Feb. 22, 2022)


In This Release

  • We removed some leftover code from the Alpha and Beta phases that would cause Tonic to stop working on March 31st, 2022. Yeah, oops. Special thanks to our time-traveling friends in Australia, who caught this issue a day early!
  • The links that we used on the packet capture adapter troubleshooting view weren't quite right, so we fixed those.
  • The packet capture adapter troubleshooting view was appearing a little bit too soon, especially if you have more than one adapter. We adjusted the delay, so the view appears a bit later now.

Known Issues

  • There still isn't a graceful way to stop a trial. Fortunately, Tonic is full-featured in trial mode, so it shouldn't hurt anything. We're still planning on fixing this though.
  • There's something weird going on with the Retries graph. And by something weird, we mean that it basically doesn't work. Retries are pretty important, so we'll get that fixed soon!
  • The Connected Data Rate field isn't working. We've got plans to replace it with a Client Tx Data Rate, and perhaps an AP Tx Data Rate as well.
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