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Tonic 1.2 (July 13, 2022)

  • Tonic now supports Client Following! If you have more than one Packet Capture Adapter, and if you drill down to a client, Tonic will use the second and third adapters to watch for the client on different channels. If the client roams to an AP on another channel, the primary adapter will switch channels to follow the client. It's unlikely that Tonic will catch the roam itself, but it will publish a roaming event to the Events list.
  • This release also introduces the Capture Channel graph, which shows a history of what channels your packet capture adapters were capturing on! If the bar graph shows a barber pole pattern, that means that the adapter was performing channel sweeping.
  • In the Packet Flow popup, Tonic now displays different decodes based on the frame type. For example, Probe Requests now show the SSID.
  • Associations are great, but Reassociations are even better, so we added a Reassociation event!
    And sometimes there are Disassociations too :(
  • AP Radio Details pane now has a QBSS Utilization bar chart and the Additional Capabilities section has been enhanced to show Protected Management Frames, Fast Roaming, and Neighbor Reports capabilities.
  • Some of the time-series graphs had slightly ambiguous names, so we fixed them. For example, Client MCS is now Client Tx MCS, so it's obvious where that MCS Index is coming from.
  • We unified the button styling in Tonic, so everything looks much more consistent.
  • You probably won't notice anything, but in the code, we cleaned up the text styling to make future additions and improvements easier.
  • Weirdly, the Anonymous Usage Statistics menu option was appearing twice. Not anymore!
  • In some cases, Tonic would crash on launch. That seemed bad, so we decided to fix it.
    If [HIDDEN] SSIDs are annoying you, now you can hide the [HIDDEN] SSIDS completely :)
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