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How to Install and Enable SNMP on Windows 10 or Windows 2012 Server


Installation of SNMP service in Windows 2012 and Windows 10 are slightly different for both operating systems but configuration of the service is the same. 


Windows 10 - Install the SNMP service 

From the Start Menu:

  • Open Control Panel  
  • Select Program 
  • Click on Program and features 
  • Click on Turn Windows features on or off
  • Find the Simple Network Management Protocol
  • Check the box and click OK

Alternately, if you can’t find SNMP following the above instructions; from the Start Menu: 

  • Click on Settings 
  • Click on Apps 
  • Click on Apps and features  
  • Click on Optional features 
  • Look for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and install it  

Windows 2012 Server - Install the SNMP service 

  • Open Server Manager
    •  Click on the short cut on the taskbar 


  • From the Start Menu 
  • Open Control Panel 
  • Click on Administrative Tools 
  • Click on Server Manager 
    • In the top right corner select Manage 
    • Click on Add Roles and Features 
    • Click Next  
    • Click Next 
    • Click Next 
    • Click Next 
    • Click Next 
    • In Features 
    • Check the box for SNMP Service 
    • Click Next 
    • Click Install 
    • When installation is complete hit Close

Configuring SNMP service

Now to configure the SNMP service:

In the main Search Bar (Windows icon near start menu) 

    • Type Run 
    • When it opens, type services.msc
  • Click Enter


From the Start Menu 

  • Open Control Panel 
  • Click on Administrative Tools 
  • Click on Services 
  • Search for SNMP service
  • Right click on it and select Properties

On the Security Tab

  • Click Add on “Security Authentication trap” 
  • Add/enter community
  • Choose Read Only option.
  • Select “Accept SNMP packets from these hosts” 
  • Click Add 
  • Enter Auvik collector’s IP address 
  • Click Apply 
  • Click OK

In the Traps tab, in the “Community name” section

  • Type the same community that you have entered in the “Security Authentication trap section” earlier 
  • Click Apply 
  • Click OK

Now SNMP has been enabled on your Windows machine/server.

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