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Bulk Site/Tenant Import Request Instructions


Auvik offers bulk client uploads for MSPs who are onboarding a significant number of clients within a short period of time. 

  • A minimum of 20 sites/tenants are required to use the bulk client upload.
  • To request a bulk/tenant import, fill out the attached form with the requested information.


  • The parent field is mandatory, it must be filled out for all the lines on the document. It must contain the domain prefix of the parent account, all lower case, and that domain must already exist.
    • i.e. if the site in question is being created under a multi-site, that multi-site must be created before the bulk site creation is requested.
  • Address information MUST be provided for each site.
  • Ensure that country is set to the correct 2-letter code (ISO Alpha-2). Reference:
  • Ensure that domainPrefix is an alphanumeric string (only letters and numbers); the minimum length is 4 characters, whereas the maximum is 32 characters. No spaces or special characters allowed.

Save the spreadsheet as a "MS-DOS Comma Separated (.csv)" in Excel.


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