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How can I create a real-time dashboard with Power BI?


Auvik’s Power BI templates have been designed to focus on periodic—not real-time—reporting.

Power BI isn’t designed for real-time reporting. When data is being refreshed, your entire Power BI report will become unusable until all of the data is loaded. At a minimum, you should only refresh your Power BI report every 6 to 8 hours.

However, if you’d still like to use Power BI as a real-time dashboard,  there are several things you can do to convert Auvik’s periodic reporting template into a real-time dashboard. 

Managing parameters

In the parameters section, there are two items that are relevant: Report Start Date and Report End Date. These parameters are used to minimize the amount of data being loaded into the report. We’d encourage you to review all the queries in your template as they may change from version to version. 

As a general rule, all device usage stats (bandwidth, CPU, memory, etc) and alerts have a date range filter as part of the query. 

After you’ve found those parameters in the code in the queries, you need to replace them with the parameter of your choice depending on your reporting needs. The most common choice would be to display the last 24 hours of data. Refer to Auvik’s API documentation in order to follow our guidelines on how to structure the date filters for each query.

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