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BGP session status monitoring with custom OIDs


You can monitor BGP session status on your network devices by setting up a custom OID and alerting on it.

How to add a custom OID monitor

To automatically add the monitor to all of your sites, add the new OID monitor from your global dashboard. To add the monitor to a specific site, add the OID monitor from that site’s dashboard.

  1. Click Discovery in the side navigation bar.
  2. Click the Discovery Settings tab.
  3. Click Monitor Settings.
  4. Click Add Monitor Setting.
  5. Fill in the Add Monitor Setting form. When adding an entity for the monitor, you can filter devices. See How to filter data in Auvik for more detail.
  6. Add the OID as where is the IP address of the BGP neighbor you'd like to monitor.
  7. Set Type to Numeric.
  8. Click Save.




Once you finish setting up the custom OID, you can add alerts that trigger on it.

How to add alerts

To add a new alert to all your sites at once, create the new alert from your global dashboard. To add an alert to a specific site, create the alert from that site’s dashboard.

  1. Click Manage Alerts in the side navigation bar.
  2. Hover over the Add Alert button and select Network / Device / Interface.
  3. Fill in the Add Alert form. You must include an alert name, description, severity, trigger condition, and clear condition*. The other fields can be changed or left at the default settings.
  4. The custom OID monitor shows up under the trigger condition drop-down menu. Search for the name of your custom OID monitor. If you added the monitor name as “BGP neighbour,” the trigger condition shows up with this same name.
  5. To stop the alert from pausing for specific entities, click Disable. Otherwise, select the appropriate pause condition.
  6. To receive notification of the alert, select one or more existing notification channels.
  7. Optional: Use the comment field to share knowledge with co-workers or to leave yourself tips and reminders.
  8. Click Save.

*The output of your custom OID is based on one of the following six numbers. You can set up your alert condition according to the output.

1 = IDLE


All done! You're now monitoring BGP session status on your network devices with Auvik.

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