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Statistics - Service API (Beta)


The Auvik Statistics API allows you to view service statistics recorded by Auvik.

For details on a specific endpoint or cURL example, click the endpoint name listed below. API documentation opens in a new window.

There’s one service endpoint in the Statistics API:

  • Read service statistics - Pull detailed statistics of services in a site (and children if it’s a multi-site). This includes round trip time, packets transmitted, and packets received from cloud ping checks. The statistic, the statistic ID, and the list of data points included in each statistic are listed in the table below.


Stat ID

Data Point

Internet Connection Check (Round Trip Time)


  • time
  • maximum
  • minimum
  • average

Internet Connection Check (Packet Loss)


  • time
  • transmitted
  • received


An entry is returned for each service. The service ID and tenant ID are in the relationships field.

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